Demons and Wizards (album)

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Demons and Wizards
Studio album by Uriah Heep





Label (s) Mercury Records , Bronze Records

Format (s)

Vinyl, audio CD

Genre (s)

Hard rock

Title (number)


running time




Gerry Bron

Studio (s)

Lansdowne Studios, London

Look at Yourself (1971) Demons and Wizards The Magician's Birthday (1972)

Demons and Wizards is the fourth studio album by the British rock band Uriah Heep .

After the recordings of the previous album Look at Yourself , the line-up changed. So for Paul Newton (bass) and Iain Clark (drums), bass guitarist Mark Clarke and drummer Lee Kerslake joined the band. After a short time, Mark Clarke was replaced by Gary Thain (formerly Keef Hartley Band ).

The album was recorded between the tours in the USA and Europe in 1972. Demons and Wizards began the band's most commercially successful period (1972-1975). The album cover was designed by Roger Dean .

Track list

  1. The Wizard (3:02) ( Ken Hensley , Mark Clarke)
  2. Traveler in Time (3:26) ( David Byron , Lee Kerslake , Mick Box )
  3. Easy Livin ' (2:36) (Hensley)
  4. Poet's Justice (4:16) (Hensley, Box, Kerslake)
  5. Circle of Hands (6:27) (Hensley)
  6. Rainbow Demon (4:28) (Hensley)
  7. All My Life (2:48) (Hensley)
  8. Paradise (5:09) (Hensley)
  9. The Spell (7:32) (Hensley)

Bonus tracks from the 1996 re-release

  1. Why (4:55) (Box, Byron, Hensley, Paul Newton) (originally published as B-side single by The Wizard )
  2. Why (7:39) (Box, Byron, Hensley, Newton)
  3. Home Again to You (5:30) (Hensley)

Bonus tracks from the 2003 CD re-release and 2010 LP re-release

  1. Why (10:34) (Box, Byron, Hensley, Newton)
  2. Rainbow Demon (Edit) (3:36) (Hensley)
  3. Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf (2:54) (Hensley) (actually "Proud Words"; first published on the box set A Time of Revelation - 25 Years on )
  4. Home Again to You (5:36) (Hensley)
  5. Green Eye (3:46) (Hensley)

Bonus CD of the 2017 re-release

  1. Easy Livin ' (2:39) (Hensley)
  2. Rainbow Demon (6:13) (Hensley)
  3. Traveler in Time (3:48) (Byron, Kerslake, Box)
  4. Paradise (5:26) (Hensley)
  5. The Spell (8:11) (Hensley)
  6. All My Life (3:11) (Hensley)
  7. Home Again to You (4:53) (Hensley)
  8. Why (13:46) (Box, Byron, Hensley, Newton)
  9. The Wizard (3:06) (Hensley, Clarke)
  10. Poet's Justice (4:43) (Hensley, Box, Kerslake)
  11. Circle of Hands (8:08) (Hensley)
  12. Proud Words (2:54) (Hensley) (first released on the box set A Time of Revelation - 25 Years on ; already included on the 2003 re-release)
  13. Green Eye (4:08) (Hensley)
  14. Why (4:45) (Box, Byron, Hensley, Newton) (alternative single edit)

Information about the bonus tracks

All bonus tracks from the re-releases from 1996 and 2003 as well as all songs from the bonus CD from 2017 are unreleased versions at the time of release, unless otherwise stated in brackets.

useful information

  • Since the end of "Paradise" and the beginning of "The Spell" overlap, they were merged into one title on some CD editions.
  • The song "Proud Words" was originally released in 1973 on Ken Hensley's first solo album Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf , before a version by Uriah Heep, which is also included on the re-releases of this album, on the box set A Time of Revelation - 25 in 1996 Years on appeared. This version was recorded while recording Demons and Wizards . Another recording was made after the release of Demons and Wizards . This is included on the re-release of The Magician's Birthday .
  • The song "Why" was recorded for the first time during the recording of Look at Yourself (therefore versions of the song are also included on the re-releases of this album). The first published version of the song, which appeared as the B-side of the single The Wizard , comes from the recordings for Demons and Wizards .

Single releases

The singles The Wizard and Easy Livin 'that emerged from this album were very successful in Europe, the USA and Japan. The B-sides contained different titles depending on the issuing country.

  • The Wizard / Gypsy (edit) (Great Britain, South Africa, Japan)
  • Easy Livin '/ Why (UK, Denmark, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, Japan)
  • The Wizard / Why (Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA, Canada, New Zealand)
  • Easy Livin '/ Gypsy (Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal)
  • Easy Livin '/ All My Life (France, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

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