Monument to the Grand Duchess Charlotte

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Monument to the Grand Duchess Charlotte

The monument to Grand Duchess Charlotte is a bronze statue designed by the French sculptor Jean Cardot (* 1930) and placed on Clairefontaine Square in 1990 in honor of the former Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg (1895–1985), sovereign from 1919 to 1964 was established in Luxembourg (city) .

The 2.75 m high work of art, officially inaugurated on April 29, 1990 in the presence of the grand ducal family, stands on a flat, round base, which in turn rests on a plate-shaped base.

The figure, executed in simplified forms, is shown wrapped in a wide cloak from which the right arm protrudes with the palm of the hand turned to the sky as if in greeting. Since this gesture could also be interpreted as a begging hand, the monument is also nicknamed " Heeschefraa " (beggar woman) in the vernacular .


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Coordinates: 49 ° 36 '30 "  N , 6 ° 7' 43"  E