Detmar Stahlknecht

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Detmar Stahlknecht was a German engineer .

He was originally in the Ministry of Munitions of the Army Ordnance Office busy, and has been from mid-1942 by Reich Minister Speer with the management of " Peenemünder replica Directorate" for the A4 (V2) rocket manufacturing contracted. With the introduction of the "Special Committee A4" Stahlknecht took over the working committee " production planning " and the Working Committee "Assembly". In addition to the A4 production planning for the " Zeppelin " company, Stahlknecht was largely responsible for setting up the Rax factory in Wiener Neustadt as the third A4 replica. On September 13, 1943 Stahlknecht's duties in the A4 working committee ended, after which he was employed under Director Degenkolb for "special appointment tracking".


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