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The Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung (DHZ) is a biweekly German publication in the field of medium-sized businesses and crafts and the largest craft newspaper in Germany.


The beginning of the history of the handicraft newspaper goes back to the year 1949. On February 1, 1949, the predecessor “Bayerische Handwerker Zeitung” was launched. It should be the organ of the Bavarian Crafts Day vis-à-vis the public and politics. In 1957 the “Bayerische Handwerker Zeitung” became the “Bayerische Handwerks Zeitung”, now published by the Association of the Bavarian Chamber of Crafts and the official organ of the Bavarian Chamber of Crafts.

Part of the concept of the “Bayerische Handwerks Zeitung” from the outset was to provide not only information from the Chamber but also practical advice for the craftsmen's management, especially in the area of ​​taxes. There was also a third element, reporting on important macroeconomic and political developments.

In 1970 the next step, that of the "Bayerische" to the "Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung", was taken. First Hessen was added, a little later Baden-Württemberg. After the opening of the inner-German borders in 1989, the chambers of crafts of the southern states in the former GDR, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia joined. At times the chambers of Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen were also connected.

In 2019 the Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung celebrated its 70th anniversary.

A comprehensive print relaunch took place in the same year. In order to take account of the changed demands and reading habits of the readership, the product "Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung" and the DHZ brand were put to the test in terms of content and design and were comprehensively edited. The layout was designed to be more airy and equipped with a much more legible font. In terms of content, the triad of economic policy reporting from the point of view of the craft, regional issues and operational utility will continue to be relied on.


With a sold circulation of 489,963 copies (IVW III / 2019) it is the largest craft newspaper in Germany. On average, every second craft business in Germany uses the newspaper. On the one hand, it provides information on all topics relevant to medium-sized businesses from economic policy, and on the other hand, it takes up current utility issues for business owners and craftsmen. The brand can be found on the Internet at There she achieved 913,920 visits per month (IVW 10/2019).


The DHZ is produced by the Holzmann Medien publishing house in Bad Wörishofen . Its editors are 23 chambers of crafts from Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, of which it is the notification body. It is aimed at the member companies of the chambers as well as at political decision-makers and decision-makers.

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