Diagnostic block

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In the so-called diagnostic block control is vital functions B ewusstsein, A tmung and K reis run ( BAK scheme ) combined, the latter is checked by professional helpers. This is also known as elementary diagnostics . This orientational examination is used to assess the condition of an emergency patient found and to be able to take the right measures. The diagnostic block is thus part of the life-saving emergency measures .

The diagnostic block consists of a sequence ( algorithm ) of individual diagnoses that can be used in any unclear emergency situation. This article is based on the ERC / ILCOR guidelines from 2005.

For medical personnel (emergency services, practice and clinic personnel), more differentiated measures are recommended in the ERC guidelines.


The diagnostic block begins with the control of the consciousness. If the patient is conscious , further necessary first aid measures (treatment for injuries, warming, care, etc.) are carried out. Depending on the injury or illness, an emergency call is also required here.

Check breathing

In the event of unconsciousness , the so-called life - saving handle is used by first looking into the oral cavity to see whether there are any foreign bodies in the mouth and throat. When the mouth is free, the head is hyperextended backwards. This tightens the tongue and clears the airways, allowing control of breathing.

Depending on the result of the breath control, various measures follow. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is used to maintain the circulatory function when breathing has stopped . If breathing is normal, the patient is placed in a stable lateral position. This prevents vomit from being aspirated . The control of the vital functions is continued closely until the emergency doctor and rescue service arrive . A possibly existing automated external defibrillator (AED) can be connected to control the heart function .


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