The early Roman historians

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The early Roman historians (the abbreviation FRH suggested by the editors ) is the title of a two-volume collection of the remains of works by Roman historians up to approx. 50 BC. BC, which are only received as quotations from later authors. As in the cases of other literary fragments , they usually kept them for objective reasons, but also partly out of interest in earlier stages of their language. The same considerations guide research today.

After the collection of the Roman historians of Hermann Peter had been in service since 1870 and then in 1919, the time was long overdue for a revision, especially for a comprehensive commentary on the tradition.

Hans Beck and Uwe Walter (eds., Transl., Comm.): The early Roman historians . Scientific Book Society Darmstadt, 2001 and 2004 (Texts on Research, Volumes 76 and 77).

Volume 1 provides an extensive introduction (pp. 17–50) to provide information on how one imagines the development of historiography among the Romans today. With the individual authors, after an introduction, the individual fragments are presented with a new translation in the context of their transmission. This is followed by the essentially factual commentary with extensive references.

The four authors who wrote in Greek were edited in the fragments of the Greek historians by Felix Jacoby as early as 1958 (FGrHist 809, 810, 812, 813), but the commentary is not yet available there. At about the same time as the FRH, a collection of the Roman historians of the republic appeared in France.


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