Dies academicus

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The dies academicus (short: dies , pronunciation: diēs [ ˈdɪeːs ], for Latin "academic day" or "academic day") is an academic holiday common at many universities on which regular teaching is interrupted. The " dies " originally served to promote the identification of university members and also to recruit new students, but today it is also used for information events, open days , matriculation celebrations or for joint entertainment events, hikes or gastronomic visits by students and teachers.

time planning

The rector of the university is responsible for scheduling. The dies academicus is not tied to a fixed date and is dated in such a way that it fits into the weekly schedule. It is often placed on the founding day of the university or at a time of year suitable for outdoor activities.

Dies academicus as an open day

The day is often used as a study information day, on which the departments , faculties and independent institutions of a university offer insight into teaching and research for other university members and outsiders.

As a rule, it is used to inform pupils and prospective students about the courses offered by the university and to provide help and information for the decision to study at university . Lectures, information events, laboratory tours, etc. are also offered. It is therefore a form of career guidance .

Dies academicus as an academic holiday

The dies academicus is also used as a public holiday for current and former members of the university. In its framework, prizes are awarded at some universities to honor deserving members of the university, for example the most successful graduates of the last year. In addition, it offers an occasion where alumni of the university meet in a festive setting.

Dies academicus as a sports day

In terms of the common identity, “ this ” can also be a sports day. For all students, special tournaments in various sports are organized, for which groups are found, and at the end the winners of the student body are chosen (with a celebration afterwards). All other events (lectures, seminars) are canceled so that all students can participate. Often a day in June is chosen because at this time good weather is more likely and the exam time at the end of the semester is still relatively far away.