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A document class describes in document management , electronic archiving and records management groupings of objects with the same attributes or properties.

The use of document classes is one of the essential properties of systems to protect, structure and organize documents and information objects, to visualize them in a suitable form in electronic files and to manage them efficiently.

The attribute values ​​of the class are passed on to all assigned documents and information objects by assigning the document class. This simplifies and accelerates the indexing and serves to avoid errors when entering attributes manually. Only individual attributes have to be assigned to individual objects. Even with later changes to attribute values ​​of a class, the changes are passed on to all objects belonging to the class. This contributes to the consistency of document collections.

Typical attributes of document or information object classes are keywords, classification criteria, authorizations, storage locations, retention periods , times of destruction etc. These attributes are usually metadata that are required for access, protection and management of the objects. The class or a reference to the class definition becomes an attribute of the classified object.

The process of assigning objects to a class is called classification, classification or categorization. In document management, however, the terms indexing, indexing or attribution, which also include classification, are more common for the assignment of attributes and classes to documents and information objects .


  • DIN EN 61355 Classification and identification of documents for plants, systems and facilities regulates the uniform and manufacturer-independent classification and identification of documents.

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