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The Dominion of Melchizedek is a micronation . It was founded in 1986 by Evan David Pedley and his son, Mark Logan Pedley. The name Melchizedek was chosen after the biblical figure of the same name. The Dominion regards itself as the Ecclesiastical Sovereign Nation State and has raised various claims to sovereignty over time, mainly on a number of Pacific islands. These are the uninhabited Taongi Atoll ( Marshall Islands ), the Colombian island of Malpelo , Karitane Shoal (a reef nine meters below the surface of the water), the Solkope Island belonging to the Rotuma Islands , and the French Clipperton Island .

Public Dominion was primarily for his role in money laundering and the legitimacy of fraudulent offshore - banks . Both founders have multiple criminal records in the US for fraud.

A third party recognition as a state is not evident. The American Securities and Exchange Commission describes them as nonexistent. Only one article in the Washington Post mentions diplomatic recognition by the Central African Republic in 1993, but at the same time the article notes “... you get the feeling that the Central African Republic would recognize the State of Denial if it had a letterhead. ", Analogously:" ... one gets the impression that the Central African Republic would recognize every state as long as it has a letterhead. "

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