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General information
Genre (s) Epic Doom , Viking Metal ,
influences from Power Metal
founding September 1997
Founding members
Guitar, drums
Guardian Angel
Current occupation
The Forger (since 2003)
Geil (since 2003)
WrathLord (since 2002)

Doomsword is a metal band from Italy . It was founded in 1997 by Deathmaster, who previously played in the extreme metal band Agarthi. Their music can be described as a mix of Doom Metal and Viking Metal , and according to the group is called " Epic Doom Metal ".


Deathmaster , who had his first singing experience in a progressive metal band in 1993 , decided in September 1997 to make his musical dreams come true and to found an epic metal band in the style of his favorite bands of the eighties. He asked Guardian Angel , a musician he had known for years from various joint music projects, and he also joined the newly formed band. Since they used to play for over a year in the epic metal band Warhammer and therefore knew each other and their musical ideas, they immediately began to write pieces for a demo . In addition, they could access lyrics from an earlier joint medieval project to which they changed the music. The first demo was ready after less than a month. It was named "Sacred Metal" and contains 5 songs. The bass guitar on the demo was taken over by Soldier of Fortune . After this demo, Doomsword received offers from various record companies. In addition, the bassist Dark Omen joined the band due to the breakup of Agarthi , the band that Deathmaster had previously played with. A new singer was also found in the form of Nightcomer . They signed a record deal with Underground Symphony and recorded their first album from July to August 1998. This was released in March 1999 under the name "DoomSword" and contains three songs that were already on the demo and five new tracks. After this album Guardian Angel and Nightcomer left the band again.

Deathmaster and Dark Omen stayed and started looking for new members. The first thing you found in Guardian Angel II was a guitarist. Finally, The Forger on guitar and Grom on drums joined them. In the winter of 2001 they signed with a new label called Dragonheart and started producing the second album "Resound the Horn", where Deathmaster took over the vocals again. After it was produced in the summer of 2001, they immediately began producing new lyrics to allow for a not so long break between albums. Grom left the band and they had to look for a new drummer. Wrathlord replaced Grom and a new album called "Let Battle Commence" was produced and released. Guardian Angel II got out even before it was released . The line-up after that was completed by Deathmaster's brother Geilt on bass and Sacred Heart on guitar. Sacred Heart left the band in 2005. Most recently they were looking for a guitarist to produce a fourth album. The new album is called "My Name Will Live On" and was released on June 22, 2007 via Dragonheart and SPV .


  • 1997 - Sacred Metal (demo)
  • 1999 - DoomSword
  • 2002 - Resound The Horn
  • 2003 - Let Battle Commence
  • 2007 - My Name Will Live On
  • 2011 - The Eternal Battle

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