SPV (company)

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Active years since 1984
founder Manfred Schütz
Seat Hanover
Website www.facebook.com/spvhannover
Label code 08100
Sub-label Synthetic Symphony (Since 1993)
Steamhammer (Since 1994)
SPV Recordings (Since 1994)
Oblivion (Since 1996)
Yellow Label (Since 2006)
Long Branch Records (Since 2011)
Ca $ h Machine Records (Since 2014)
Loud Helden (Since 2016)
distribution SPV
Genre (s) Metal , rock , alternative , pop , singer-songwriter

The SPV GmbH (abbreviation for records , production and distribution ) is an in Hanover -based German independent label . It was founded in 1984 by Manfred Schütz . SPV operates the sub- labels Steamhammer, Long Branch Records, Laute Helden, Oblivion, Cash Machine Records and SPV Recordings , among others .

A takeover by the Berlin music publisher Jack White Productions AG had previously failed due to objections from the SPV artists.

In October 2012, a team of investors was found to ensure the continued existence of the label and the artist portfolio after avoiding the three-year insolvency proceedings and successfully restructuring the company.

In addition, in the course of the takeover by the group of investors, other key positions in the company were filled or refilled.

There is an exclusive distribution agreement with Infinity Entertainment for sales in Greece and Cyprus .

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