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Logo of the savings banks  Dornbirner Sparkasse Bank AG
Dornbirner Sparkasse BY MATTHIAS RHOMBERG.jpg
Country AustriaAustria Austria
Seat 6850 Dornbirn, Sparkassenplatz 1
legal form Corporation
Bank code 20602
founding 1867
Association Austrian Savings Bank Association
Business data 2019
Total assets 2,843 million euros
Offices 15th
Board Werner Böhler, Harald Giesinger
Corporate management

Werner Boehler

List of savings banks in Austria

The Dornbirner Sparkasse Bank AG is a Vorarlberg regional bank based in Dornbirn , which together with its sales subsidiaries offer a comprehensive financial services provider all services associated with money. Dornbirner Sparkasse Bank AG was founded in 1867 as a community savings bank, making it the third oldest bank that still exists in Vorarlberg. In 2002 the municipal savings bank became a stock corporation. 74% of the shares are held by the main shareholder, since 2019 the private foundation Dornbirner Sparkasse, 26% of the core shareholders, the city of Dornbirn. The Dornbirner Sparkasse has 15 locations in the Upper Vorarlberg Rhine Valley and Vienna and currently employs around 340 people.


Excerpt from the Dornbirner Gemeindeblatt from November 19, 1911: “Today on the day of healing. Martinus, our city patron, we hand over this house to the traffic. May God's blessings rule on him, may the virtue of thrift and industry to which we owe this house never forsake us. The small investors made the Dornbirner Sparkasse big, the same class of people should also primarily serve the funds of the Sparkasse. We always want to adhere to this principle. "

The history of the Dornbirner Sparkasse goes back to the year 1822, when the Provincial Government of Tyrol sent out a recommendation to all district offices subordinate to it. In 1852 the commission for the poor presented the community committee for the first time with the "Basic features of the drafting of a health care and savings bank institution", which, like the submissions of the following years, were rejected. On January 9, 1866, the Dornbirn Lieutenancy approved the statutes. The Dornbirner Sparkasse began operations on November 2, 1867 in the old town hall. Less than 50 years later, due to the willingness to save on the part of the people of Dornbirn, the offices became too small. The Sparkasse moved to the other end of the market square, to Sparkassenplatz 1 (formerly Bahnhofstrasse 2), where it still has its headquarters today.

Branch openings:

  • May 1922 Hohenems branch
  • September 1926 Lustenau-Kirchplatz branch
  • May 1970 branch in Dornbirn-Rohrbach
  • July 1970 Branch in Dornbirn-Schoren
  • July 1971 Branch in Dornbirn-Hatlerdorf
  • June 1974 Altach branch
  • April 1977 Höchst branch
  • April 1978 branch in Dornbirn-Haselstauden
  • November 1978 branch in Dornbirn-Oberdorf
  • March 1979 Schwarzach branch
  • November 1979 Lustenau-Hasenfeld branch
  • April 1983 Lustenau-Rheindorf branch
  • October 1984 Lauterach branch
  • December 1984 branch Riezlern (closed again since April 2016)
  • October 1989 Branch Vienna I.
  • 2003 Takeover of the Erste Bank branches in Dornbirn and Lustenau as well as the Vorarlberg commercial center

Awards and Certifications:

  • 2003 Third overall place in the Sparkassen Award from Erste Bank und Sparkassen
  • 1992 "Safest Bank" in Austria (business magazine Trend)
  • since 2008 excellent teaching company of the state of Vorarlberg
  • since 2009 family-friendly business in the state of Vorarlberg
  • 2012 and 2015 award as "Best Employer in Austria" at Great Place to Work
  • Since 2012 all locations have been consistently ÖKOPROFIT certified
  • 2013/2015 Salvus seal of approval in silver - awarded by the Vorarlberg state government
  • Audit for the common good balance : 2015 for the 2013/2014 financial years, 2016 for the financial years and 2020 for the 2016/2018 financial years
  • Salvus seal of approval in gold since 2017 - awarded by the Vorarlberg state government
  • 2019 Award "Sustainable Company 2019" - awarded by Milestones in Communication, Faktenkontor and IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research GmbH
  • 2020 Third overall place in the Sparkassen Award from Erste Bank und Sparkassen

Ownership structure and liability

In 2002, the Dornbirner Sparkasse was converted from a community savings bank into a stock corporation. Since January 1, 2019, the main shareholder has been the private foundation Dornbirner Sparkasse (74%), the core shareholder is the city of Dornbirn (26%). Also in 2002, the Dornbirner Sparkasse joined the liability association of Erste Bank and Sparkassen and in 2007 the liability association new of Erste Bank and Sparkassen.

GründerCenter Vorarlberg

Erste Bank and Sparkassen operate start-up centers throughout Austria. The GO! The start-up center of the Dornbirner Sparkasse offers advice on financing and funding, support in drawing up the business plan and an extensive network. Whether you are a new founder or entrepreneur, the GO! GründerCenter offer advice on starting a business and is the contact point for all potential business founders. As part of the GO! Start-up offensive, there are ongoing events on the topics of business start-ups and business succession.

spark7 - the youth club of Erste Bank and Sparkassen

spark7 is the youth brand of Erste Bank und Sparkassen and a platform for all young people in Austria. It offers services such as B. discounted tickets or an Internet community specially geared towards the needs of young customers. The spark7 brand was founded in 2001. spark7 customers receive, free of charge, specially designed account cards with Maestro and Quick as well as other functions, such as the option of topping up a prepaid mobile phone over the Internet. Also with eBanking access on request. Compared to adult account cards, there are no fees for transfers, withdrawals or similar processes.

Non-profit projects / sponsoring

The Dornbirner Sparkasse has always fulfilled its founding mandate, namely the sustainable promotion of the common good of the region. It therefore supports smaller and larger clubs, projects and initiatives in the fields of sport, children and youth, art and culture and social issues. Examples are the various running initiatives (since 1996), the anniversary fund of the Dornbirner Sparkasse (since 1992), the Dornbirn Youth Symphony Orchestra (since 1990), the Dornbirn art space and inatura Dornbirn. In the course of its 150th anniversary, the Dornbirner Sparkassen donated the new Dornbirner City Library in 2017, which could be opened in 2020.

Historic central building

For the 1910/11 building, planned by the architects Braun & Lukesch and by the company JA Fußenegger, spring tuff was used at least for the foundation walls and the ground floor , which gave the facade its distinctive exterior. While the residential and commercial buildings built in the immediate vicinity in the same years still rely heavily on Art Nouveau elements, Braun relied on the functional lines that go with a bank building. Since the inauguration on November 11, 1911, the building on Sparkassenplatz has marked the transition from Dornbirn's market square to Bahnhofstrasse.

The building underwent its first renovation between 1948 and 1953. Under the direction of architect Hugo Wank, the entrance was relocated and the counter expanded. Since then, a sculpture made of shell limestone by Hans Bruckgschwenter from Innsbruck has adorned the main entrance. For Bruckgschwenter, winner of the specially advertised sculptor's competition, the “young, strong man with the bundle of files should represent the healthy, lively business of the Sparkasse. The growing grain with the heavy ears symbolizes the down-to-earth company that brings rich fruit for the whole country. ” The coat of arms of the city of Dornbirn is on the base

Between 1993 and 1995 the architects Much Untertrifaller Senior and Junior renovated the old building and adapted the extension along Schulgasse. With the addition in the direction of Bahnhofstrasse in 2003 by architect Wolfgang Ritsch, the building complex of the Dornbirner Sparkasse received its present appearance.


  • 1867-1967. 100 years of Dornbirner Sparkasse, Dornbirn 1967
  • 150 years of savings banks in Austria, Vienna 1969
  • Responsibility for the economy and society - 100 years of the Sparkassenverband, Vienna 2005

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Coordinates: 47 ° 24 ′ 51.5 "  N , 9 ° 44 ′ 27.4"  E