Three mushroom

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The Dreipilz is a quality mark for forestry tools similar to the FPA acorn , which has been awarded by the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik eV (KWF) since 1998 .


The Dreipilz was originally initiated in 1932 by the “Association of German Manufacturers of Tools eV” as a quality mark for high-quality tools . When the association was dissolved on May 13, 1997, the KWF took over the symbol at the suggestion of the umbrella association of the tool industry and registered it as its own brand in Germany , Austria , Switzerland and Sweden from July 2, 1998 .

After the test in the “Testing and Testing Institute for Tools, Remscheid” (VPA), the three mushroom is now awarded for high quality “hand tools for forestry, especially axes , splitting tools, plant trimmings and hand saws” .


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