Dresden University Journal

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The Dresdner Universitätsjournal (also Dresdner UniversitätsJournal , UJ for short ) is the official publication organ of the Technical University of Dresden . The rector of the university acts as the publisher, whereby the independent editorial staff can refuse contributions that run counter to objective reporting.

The journal founded after the fall of the Wall replaced the university newspaper published from 1960 to 1989 by the SED district leadership of the Technical University of Dresden . It has been published every two weeks since January 1990 and thus has 20 regular editions a year during a summer break during the lecture-free period in July and August. The journal, printed in four colors in Berlin format and published online as a PDF file, reports on university-relevant topics from research and teaching, from academic life, from university history, on the connection between science and society (especially business) and on cultural activities related to the University. It also promotes communication within the university and serves as a communication medium for the bodies defined in the Saxon University Freedom Act.

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