Duosan Rapid

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Duosan Rapid 33ml tube (front)
Duosan Rapid 33ml tube (back)
Bottle of Duosan Rapid

Duosan Rapid was a universal adhesive that was manufactured in the GDR . Along with Kittifix , it was the best-known product of its kind there.

First, Duosan Rapid was filled into 50 cl glass bottles at the VEB Filmfabrik Agfa-Wolfen . The adhesive was later offered in 50-gram and even later in 100-gram aluminum tubes with a polyethylene screw cap from the company now known as VEB ORWO Filmfabrik Wolfen . The tubes were painted blue, the solvent in the adhesive acetone also dissolved this paint. After drying, Duosan Rapid could be removed with acetone.

Today Duosan Rapid is produced by UHU GmbH & Co. KG with a different recipe (EAN 4026700496000).


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