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Example of an announcement

An announcement is a general, non-targeted address via speech-amplifying systems, electro-acoustic systems or megaphones.


Hyperbaric loudspeakers , often used for announcements.

Announcements are predominantly played through electro-acoustic systems . As a rule, they are not recorded in the case of constantly recurring messages, such as B. the closing of a department store, but are often pre-produced in a recording studio and only played back. This can also be done automatically in a time-controlled manner. Megaphones are also used for mobile use, for example by authorities and organizations with security tasks .

Areas of application

Announcements are mainly used to notify, alert or warn people. Areas of application are, for example, airports , train stations , public buildings, department stores , schools and sports fields . In the past they were also used in so-called local call systems .

Encrypted announcements

Some announcements are also "encrypted" to avoid panic . This type is, for example, only intended for employees of a facility, whereas the customers should not be aware of the content. The encryption is based on the use of terms that laypeople cannot understand. So z. For example, in a large Swedish furniture store the message “Please call Mr. Brandel 149” that a fire has broken out in fire alarm group 149 and that the closest employee should check whether it is a false alarm. Further areas of application are the information about shoplifters or the failure of machines and equipment. However, if there is an immediate danger to persons, an immediate evacuation is required by law. Another prominent example is the announcement Mrs. Koma is coming , which was used in the Winnenden rampage.


Announcements are often introduced with a tone, for example to enable loud activities to be ended. The best known was the "Philips announcement signal", nowadays a simple or multi-stage gong is usually used, which is electronically generated by the amplifier or directly in the microphone.

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