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Shower mark (Germany, 1960s) front and back. The token shown has a diameter of 2.0 cm.

A shower brand (also shower token , shower token (Switzerland); rare shower value coupon ) is a small, mostly consisting of metal token that can be used for example in swimming pools to activate operated showers on slot machines. After inserting the shower token, (warm) water is dispensed for showering for a predefined period of time.


Shower stamps are usually two to three centimeters in diameter, usually different profiles on the two sides or a hole in the middle. They mostly consist of metal ( brass , zinc ( alloy ) etc.), which means a longer service life when reused; the shower machines are emptied regularly. In special cases, shower tags can bear the name of the institution in which they are used. These special tokens have their own numismatic collectors' market.


Shower tokens are used in swimming pools, youth hostels , campsites , sports clubs, etc., where the use of warm water should be limited for cost reasons. In a swimming pool with shower machines, a shower token is generally added when purchasing an entrance ticket. Shower tokens can be purchased separately at campsites and youth hostels.

Shower tokens are also used in non-German-speaking countries, for example the USA ( shower token ) and the Netherlands. In France, the issue of jetons de douche was mentioned in accommodation for immigrants in the early 1970s .

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