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Dynamite Dan 2 , full title Dynamite Dan 2: Dr. Flashes and the Islands of Arcanum , is a Jump 'n' Run - Computer game in a side view ( Platformer ), which in 1986 by Mirror Soft develops and for the 8-bit home computer systems Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum was sold.


Dr. Blitzen, the antagonist of the predecessor game Dynamite Dan , has again plans to achieve world domination. This time he has established his headquarters on the eight Islands of Arcanum (Arcanum Islands) and from there supplies the young people of the world with records that are provided with subliminal messages that gradually destroy the brains of the young people. As the protagonist Dynamite Dan, the player has to hunt down Dr. Make lightning, visit all eight islands and finally bring the plate press plant to a standstill.

Game principle and technology

The game world consists of eight unconnected islands, each consisting of 24 screen-sized rooms and shown from the side in 2D. In every room there are opponents that the player is not allowed to touch when moving through the rooms, otherwise he will lose energy. You also lose energy by jumping or falling from too high a height. When the energy drops to zero, the game is over. The energy level can be increased again by collecting certain objects. Compared to the first part, there are some additions to the gameplay. Bombs can be picked up with which obstacles can be blown away, special sunglasses that can be found protect the player from Dr. Flashing laser beams, and in order to be able to fly to the next island in his airship, Dynamite Dan has to collect enough fuel. Each island is graphically subordinate to a superordinate topic, e.g. For example, one island is reminiscent of a Chinese pagoda , one of a Greek temple and one of a factory.


The crash Magazine praised sound, graphics and general gameplay that is compared to the predecessor clear motivating, and awarded 93%. Your Sinclair found the game highly addicting and gave it 9 out of 10. In general, the game was highly praised, only the confused story was criticized. In the 1986 annual ranking, Dynamite Dan 2 was voted the best platformer of the year by the readers of Crash Magazine.

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