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EANCOM ( EAN + Com munication ) is a subset of the EDIFACT standards, which takes place in the consumer goods industry use worldwide. A subset of the segments used, which form the EANCOM messages, was selected from the EDIFACT message standards. As with every other subset, the individual elements z. Some industry-specific meanings are given, d. H. the lists of qualifiers, i.e. the elements that semantically qualify a subsequent or predecessor element , have been expanded to include industry-specific values.

Commonly used message types are:

report English Meaning / content
DESADV Despatch advice message Shipping notification
INVRPT Inventory report Inventory data
SLSRPT Sales Report Sales reports
INVOIC Invoice bills
PRICAT Price catalog Price list / catalog data
ORDERS Orders Order data
ORDRSP Order Response confirmation of the order
RECADV Receiving Advice Goods receipt and difference notification

Other EDIFACT subsets are, for example, EDIKEY , EDIFURN and EDIFICE .

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