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AM Cassandre (born January 24, 1901 in Charkow , Russian Empire , today Ukraine ; † June 17, 1968 in Paris , France ; actually Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron ) was a graphic designer , typographer , painter , set designer and teacher.


The "AM Cassandre" named Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron was born on January 24th, 1901 to French parents in Kharkov (Ukraine). Living in Russia and France , he stayed in Paris from 1915 , where he graduated from high school. After a short stay at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris, he settled in the studio of the painter Lucien Simon and later took courses at the Académie Julian . In order to secure his financial independence, he began to design his own posters in 1921. Only a few of the caricature-style posters - possibly influenced by German posters and caricatures - have survived today.

In 1922 Cassandre had his own studio on Montparnasse in the Rue du Moulin Vert (Paris). During this time he decided to sign all works intended for advertising with his pseudonym "AM Cassandre" (until 1928 he also signs with Mauron Cassandre from time to time ). He designed famous Art Deco posters for railways and steamships, paying homage to architectural structures and the machine. The posters that were commissioned by the CIWL for their luxury trains such as the Nord-Express or the Étoile du Nord are particularly well-known .

In 1936 AM Cassandre moved to America. By Alexey Brodovitch under contract, he designed several covers for the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar . He also worked for the advertising agency NW Ayer, where he designed the advertising campaign for the Container Corporation of America.

In 1939 Cassandre returned to Paris. Since then he has mainly worked as a set designer for theater and ballet and turned to free painting. In 1963, Cassandre designed the logo for Yves Saint Laurent .

In 1964, his works were shown in the graphics department at documenta III in Kassel . In 1972 AM Cassandre was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Art Directors Club .


  • Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs ( 1934 -35)
  • École D'Arts Graphiques ( 1935 )

Font designs

  • Bifur (1929)
  • Acier (1930)
  • Acier Noir (1936)
  • Peignot (1937)
  • Cassandre (1968)


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