Acier (font)

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The Acier font was designed by the French type designer Cassandre (Adolphe-Jean Mouron) around 1930 and distributed by the Deberny & Peignot type foundry . The font is used in particular by newspapers and magazines in French-speaking countries for headings.

Origin and use

The Acier font is considered the French answer to the Futura designed by Paul Renner and is influenced by the Bifur font. It is the second font designed by Mouron. The Acier is a sans serif sans serif . The font is only capitalized . The two two-color versions of the font, which are available in black and white and gray and white, are striking.

Classification of the script

  • According to DIN 16518 , Acier is categorized in Group VI - Sans Serif Linear Antiqua
  • Hans Peter Willberg would classify it as static grotesque in his classification matrix


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