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The Eidgenössische Hochschule für Sport Magglingen EHSM is the only Swiss university that deals exclusively with teaching, research and development and services in the field of sport. It is part of the Federal Office for Sport FOSPO and at the same time affiliated with the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH. All activities of the EHSM are aimed at making a contribution to the promotion of Swiss sport. The Sports Promotion Act SpoFög (2011) and the Sports Promotion Ordinance SpoFöv (2012) form the legal basis for this.

The main building of the Federal University of Sport Magglingen


The EHSM offers sports science and application-oriented training and further education. The bachelor's and master's degree programs prepare for activities in the context of competitive sports, activities in the leisure sector, in club sports, in sporting event organizations, etc., teaching at school or academic careers. Students from other universities in Switzerland can attend EHSM training modules (“Magglinger University Weeks”).

The advanced training courses at the EHSM, some of which are offered jointly with partners, enable you to deepen your subject or gain additional qualifications in various sports science departments. CAS, DAS and MAS courses as well as courses lasting one to several days are offered.

For over 40 years, trainers in competitive sports have been trained in Magglingen. Via the Trainer Education Switzerland, in cooperation with Swiss Olympic and the professional association of trainers in competitive and elite sport, the EHSM offers training for recognized professional qualifications (trainer and trainer of professional sport with a federal certificate, qualified trainer and qualified trainer of professional sport).

Students in class
Students in class

The offers at a glance:

  • Bachelor in Sports
  • Master of professional sport
  • Master in Sports Science
  • CAS sports facilities
  • CAS / DAS / MAS sports management
  • eLearning sports management
  • Magglinger University Weeks
  • Continuing education at vocational school sports
  • Trainer education Switzerland

Research and Development

Data analysis football
The collection and analysis of data

There is research and development operated in the interests of sports associations, the cantons and the federal government. The close cooperation with these stakeholder groups has significant advantages: The research and development concerns are based on concerns from practice and are therefore application-oriented per se.

Applied research and development in the field of sports science includes, for example, recording, analyzing and optimizing sports and exercise behavior. Sensor systems, electronic training diaries or self-developed tests are used, among other things. Further examples of topics in the field of research and development are analyzes of the economization of top-class sport or the development of instruments for training physical education teachers and for improving the quality of physical education in schools.

Research and development projects are carried out in national and international cooperation.


EHSM media library
The media library at the Eidgenössische Hochschule für Sport Magglingen

The sports science services correspond to the latest state of knowledge and are tailored to the needs of the stakeholder groups. In doing so, not only the needs of athletes are assessed in the context of tests, measurements, etc. covered, but also provided services for social issues. Examples include the preparation of scientific reports on the pedagogical foundation of school sport and children and youth sport or the advice of public and private clients and planners in the field of sports facility construction.

The EHSM operates the largest sports media library in Switzerland. EHSM students and the interested public have access to over 46,000 titles (books, magazine articles and multimedia products in all areas of knowledge of sport) in German, French, Italian and English.


On March 3, 1944, the Swiss Federal Council authorized the Federal Military Department (EMD) to set up a gymnastics and sports school based in Magglingen. The decision at the time in favor of the “Magglingen location” was the beginning of a pioneering development for the Swiss sports movement. The legal anchoring of the gymnastics and sports school ETS took place in 1947, the decree of January 20, 1948 regulated the tasks and organization of the ETS, which until 1972 represented the legal basis for the numerous tasks that the ETS had to perform on behalf of the federal government. The tasks mentioned are training, research and advice, publication and film service as well as administration.

Football in the 1970s

The creation of a research center was planned in the early years, but it was not until 1966 that a special research institute was created.

In 1989 the ETS was renamed Eidgenössische Sportschule Magglingen ESSM. The increasing social and thus political importance of sport finally led in 1999 to the reorganization of the sports school into the Federal Office for Sport FOSPO. Even then, a close link was established with the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH.

In 2005 the EHSM was created through the merger of ESSM and the research institute SWI. In 2010, the youth and sport Y + S division was spun off from the EHSM and became a separate department within the BASPO. The separation of the sport-political sport promotion instrument J + S created the necessary foundations for the EHSM to develop its own identity as a university.

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