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According to the RAK, the standard entry is the main component of the title entry of a library catalog . It consists of a header, a bibliographical description and, if necessary, additional entries and references.

In the days of the card catalog , the head of the unit recording was responsible for the alphabetical sorting of the catalog card. The header can be on its own line or highlighted by underlining or boldface. The bibliographic description follows upside down.

Example of a unit recording
From the Little Mole Who Knew him on the head
has made

/ Werner Holzwarth. Ill .: Wolf Erlbruch. - Miniature
edition , 26th edition - Wuppertal: Hammer, 2009. - [14] Bl.:
Mostly Ill. (Color); 11.5 cm
ISBN 123-456-789 hardcover. : 5.00
NE: Holzwarth, Werner; Erlbruch, Wolf [Ill.]


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