Ratu Jaya railway accident

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Railway accident in Ratu Jaya describes two railway accidents in the former village of Ratu Jaya , today a district of Depok , in West Java , Indonesia on the then single-track railway line Jakarta – Bogor .


On September 20, 1968, a passenger train and an express train collided here . 116 people died.


One train , KRL 520, came from the direction of Depok station on November 2, 1993 , while KRL 531 came from Citayam . The dispatchers at the two neighboring stations let a train travel in the opposite direction along the route without the necessary notification. In the resulting collision, 20 travelers died . 100 people were also injured. The dispatchers were each sentenced to 3 years imprisonment . As a result, the railway line was expanded to two tracks.

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