Electronics pliers

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Electronics pliers: needle-nose pliers and side cutters
Using a side cutter
Diagonal cutter for assembling circuit boards

Electronics pliers are pliers with smaller dimensions that are particularly suitable for working on electronic components, in particular for gripping, positioning and cutting. They also differ from other common pliers in that there is usually a spring mechanism that opens the pliers, so that sensitive, one-handed operation, if desired, even faster work is possible. Electronics pliers do not play a major role in large-scale production because of the high degree of automation , but are widely used for small and medium-sized series, tests and repairs.

The gripping pliers are usually

  • Flat nose pliers
These are used for the precise adjustment of wires or cables.
  • Needle nose pliers (also known as telephone pliers)
  • Round nose pliers
  • as well as pliers with a special head shape for gripping special components

The following are common for cutting pliers:

which come into question depending on the location and accessibility of the workpiece.

Of particular importance is at intersecting electronics pliers on the flat, executed applied to the component side of the cutting bevel thereof (also chamfer, bevel or bevel called). The component connection wire has the cut on this page to be completely smooth, depending on the further processing, for example, already an accomplished soldering to not put pressure on the solder joint, or he does not need quite smoothly be if only after soldering is. For a smooth cut you need a pair of pliers without facet, for an almost smooth one with a small facet, which increases the durability of the cutting edge. With normal pliers for thicker wires, such small or nonexistent facets would only unnecessarily weaken the cutting edge.

When working on components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharges, electronic pliers with handles are used, which discharge electrical charges in a controlled manner ("ESD electronic pliers").