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Elulaios , (Greek form) or Luli (Assyrian) was king of the Phoenician cities of Tire and Sidon . He ruled from 729 to 694 BC. Chr.

In the time of Elulaios, Tire Assyria was tributary. On the other hand, Elulaios revolted several times, which ultimately led to the loss of sovereignty of Tire. After the first rebellion, Tire was ruled from 724 to 720 BC. Besieged, the port blocked by Shalmaneser V and cut off the water supply. However, the residents of Tire dug wells so that they could withstand the siege for years.

Under the rule of Sargon II , who succeeded Shalmaneser V, the Assyrians occupied Cyprus . After Sargon's death in 705, Tire claimed the island and the kingdom of Kition . At the next revolt in 701 BC Against Sargon's successor Sennacherib , Elulaios allied himself with Marduk-apla-iddina II of Babylonia and Hezekiah of Judah . However, he was defeated by Sennacherib's army, which is said to have included 200,000 men, and had to flee to Kition. Tire lost control of Sidon and Akko . His sphere of influence melted into the urban area and its overseas colonies. After Elulaios' death, Tire was ruled by pro-Assyrian rulers.


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