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Emanze ( regression to emancipation or emancipated ) is a mostly disparaging colloquial term for a women's rights activist or feminist .

The word came up around 1970, when the second wave of the women's movement reached its peak, and was initially only used by their opponents, at best as a joke, but mostly as a swear word . In recent times it has occasionally been used as a Geusen word , that is, as a self-designation for women who define themselves as emancipated; However, these attempts to reinterpret the term positively have hardly had any effect on general linguistic usage.

The Duden has recorded the emancipation since 1980 and currently defines it as “woman who consciously gives herself emancipated and who is actively committed to emancipation”; the word is marked here as “colloquial” and “often derogatory”. In the course of " Political Correctness ", Bertelsmann Verlag deleted the term Emanze (as well as Tippse ) from its spelling dictionary in 1996, and in 2002 it was reinstated.

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