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As endnotes refers to notes in a printing layout , in contrast to footnotes are outsourced to the end of the work and thus from the linear and sequential structure of the underlying text break. Like footnotes, endnotes are superscripted in the text.

Endnotes and footnotes serve the same purpose, which is why only one of the two forms is usually used in documents. Annotations outsourced in endnotes are usually more time-consuming to look up than those in footnotes, but have the advantage of not overloading the text pages with comments, so that it is easier to concentrate on the main text. This is therefore also significantly easier to set . For this reason, many publishers prefer endnotes. This is especially true for general publishers and magazines, as it is believed that footnotes will put many readers off.

According to DIN 5008, end notes are not permitted in business correspondence.

Individual evidence

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