Entre dos Tierras

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Entre dos Tierras
Heroes del Silencio
publication May 1990
length 6:12
Genre (s) Post-punk , pop-rock , hard-rock
Author (s) Pedro Andreu, Enrique Bunbury, Joaquín Cardiel and Juan Valdivia Navarro
album Senderos de traición

Entre dos Tierras (German: "Between Two Worlds") is a pop-rock song by the Spanish band Héroes del Silencio . It appeared in May 1990 on their album Senderos de traición . The song reached number 25 in Germany in autumn 1992 - here it was charted for 26 weeks - and number 40 in the Swiss charts. It reached number 34 in Spain and stayed on the charts for 35 weeks. The song developed into an often played disco hit of the 1990s - partly to this day - and is considered the best-known piece of the band. In addition, it is the running-in music of the second division soccer team Holstein Kiel and it was the theme song for the Sat.1 series Low and Kuhnt - Commissioners determine .


The piece was written by Pedro Andreu, Enrique Bunbury, Joaquín Cardiel and Juan Valdivia Navarro and produced by Phil Manzanera . It was recorded at Estudios Kirios, Madrid , and Metropolis Studios, London . After it appeared on the album Senderos de traición in May 1990 , it developed into a well-known song from around autumn 1990, when it was released as a promo single, thanks to the assistance of many radio stations that often played it helped popularize the band quickly in many European countries.


In the really fast, rocking song, played with clean guitars with a lot of delay , a person is addressed who is accused of being “between two worlds” and “having no air to breathe”.

Music video

The single release was accompanied by a sepia music video in the fall of 1990 . It shows the band playing the song punctuated by violent scenes of a couple fighting.

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