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Television series
Original title Low and Kuhnt - detect commissioners
Low and Kuhnt - Commissioners determine Logo.jpg
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 2003-2014
filmpool GmbH
length 21 minutes
Episodes 1942 in 13 seasons
genre Pseudo-Documentation
Theme music Héroes del Silencio - Entre dos Tierras
First broadcast May 12, 2003 on Sat.1

Low and Kuhnt - Detecting Commissioners (short: Low and Kuhnt ) is a German pseudo-documentary by the station Sat.1 . It was discontinued by Sat.1 in August 2013.


In the documentary fiction, for the first time, two detective officers on German television who were released from the police force specifically for this series . Chief Detective Cornelia “Conny” Niederig from the Recklinghausen Criminal Police Department and Chief Detective Bernhard “Bernie” Kuhnt from the Duisburg Detective Police solve fictitious criminal cases in this series. They are alternately supported by various other commissioners in the investigation work. The series immediately achieved an audience rating of 21.9% among 14 to 49-year-old viewers, surpassing the Lenßen & Partner model . Since the quotas remained consistently high, the program was given a permanent daily slot; on November 29, 2005, the 500th episode was broadcast on April 24, 2008, the 1000th episode.

The series tries to recreate the real working life of the police. But similar to Lenßen & Partner , all cases are fictional and the reality of the police work depicted is controversial. The series is set in Duisburg , and the show was produced in Hürth near Cologne . The studio part was shot in the local NOBEO studios, the outside parts in and around Cologne and Hürth. The format was developed and produced by the Cologne-based film and television production company filmpool . In the adjoining studios a.o. a. the Sat.1 / filmpool formats Zwei at Kallwass and judge Barbara Salesch .

In order to be able to answer numerous questions about the series, the Duisburg police had set up a special forum on their web presence, which has since been discontinued due to the rapidly decreasing use.

As of May 30, 2012, the series was converted to the documentation type, in which a speaker accompanies the entire case and describes situations. In addition, since then the film has been shot on location with a tracking camera and no longer in a fixed studio setting.

Broadcasting and audience ratings


In Germany the series runs on the private broadcaster Sat.1 . Seasons one to seven were broadcast between May 12, 2003 and February 1, 2010 with several breaks. The eighth season has been broadcast with several breaks since February 1, 2010. On October 12, 2012, Sat.1 took the series from its early evening program. From February 2, 2013, two repeated episodes of Niederig and Kuhnt could be seen on Sat.1 on Saturdays. From March 11, 2013, the series was again broadcast in the early evening program Monday to Friday as a double episode from 6 to 7 p.m. (old and new episodes mixed in part), before it was discontinued on June 17, 2013 in episode # 1868.

On August 23, 2013 the broadcaster Sat.1 announced on Facebook that “we will no longer produce the format”. This means that, after K11 - Commissioners in action , Niederig & Kuhnt is the second police series ("Scripted Reality") to be discontinued by Sat.1.

Since January 21, 2014, the remaining episodes that were still produced after the broadcast was discontinued on Sat.1 have been broadcast as a double episode every Tuesday from around 11:10 p.m. on the pay TV channel Sat.1 emotions . In addition, older episodes have been shown on Sat.1 Gold since January 27, 2014 .


In Austria, the series runs on the private broadcaster Puls 4 , which belongs to ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG and which began broadcasting with the 201st episode (2nd season, 84th episode) The Hated Caretaker on September 5, 2011.

Opening credits

May 2003 to July 2005

  • Conny low: My name is Conny low, chief detective and for 19 years with the police.
  • Bernie Kuhnt: My name is Bernie Kuhnt, chief detective and has been with the police for 20 years.

August 2005 to June 2007

  • Conny low: My name is Conny low, chief detective. "I know you are lying, you have a motive and no alibi!"
  • Bernie Kuhnt: My name is Bernie Kuhnt, Chief Detective Officer. "I can guarantee you one thing: I'll get you."

August 2007 to December 2009

  • Conny low: My name is Conny low, chief detective. "Stop lying, you have a motive and no alibi!"
  • Bernie Kuhnt: My name is Bernie Kuhnt, Chief Detective Officer. Conny: "Police!", Bernie: "Gun down!"

January 2010 to August 2011

  • Conny Niederig & Bernie Kuhnt (with names displayed), Nina Schmeuser, Thomas Bossmann, Christian König and Katrin Becker

August 2011 to August 2013

  • Completely new, but very short opening credits; for the first time in 16: 9 image format; Only "Conny Niederig" & "Bernie Kuhnt" are still briefly faded in with their names, other people no longer appear.


actor role job Period
Cornelia "Conny" Low Cornelia "Conny" Low Detective Chief Commissioner
Chief investigator
Bernhard "Bernie" Kuhnt Bernhard "Bernie" Kuhnt Chief
Detective Chief investigator
Nina Heuser Nina Schmeuser Crime Commissioner
Mischa Filé Thomas Bossmann Detective
Lars Oberhäuser Frank Schmidt Detective
Nico Klietsch Nico Klietsch † Detective
Christoph Loewe Christoph Loewe Detective
Christian Becker Christian King Detective
Nicole Blondiau Katrin Becker Crime Commissioner
Marcus Jakovljevic Marc Winter Detective
Israfil Yilmaz Isi Aydin Detective
Sandra Pesic Sandra Liebig Crime Commissioner
Ralf Katscher Frank Ziegler Detective
Barbara Noeske Charlotte "Charlie" Pfeiffer KTU employee 2003-2008
Petra Lackmann Tini Engels KTU employee ?
Claudia Becker Manuela "Manu" Koehler KTU employee 2015
Jürgen Clemens Amir Malik KTU employees 2008-2013
Marcel Verkooyen Marcel Forensics 2011-2013
Svenja Hermuth Bibi Jungbluth KTU employee 2012-2013
Dr. Wolfgang Huckenbeck Dr. Wolfgang Huckenbeck pathologist 2003-2004
Mark Benecke Dr. Mark Benecke pathologist 2003-2006
NN Dr. Rüdiger Hoffmeister pathologist 2006-2007
NN Dr. Waldemar Schröder pathologist 2007–2012
Michael Gabel Dr. Michael Hohlbein pathologist 2007–2012
NN Dr. John Adams pathologist 2010–2012
Brigitte Eckrich Dr. Sabine Scholz-Musavi Pathologist 2013
Manfred Nutsch-Mai Dr. Johannes Graeter pathologist 2013
Christian Ballay Dr. Christian Ballay Emergency doctor 2010-2013
Bernd Römer Bernd Römer Prosecutor 2003-2012


In the 1000th episode on April 24, 2008, Conny Niederig's brother, the triathlete Andreas Niederig , played.

The theme song of the series is the song Entre dos Tierras by the Spanish rock band Héroes del Silencio .

In 2010, the series was parodied on Switch Reloaded . The real commissioners Bernie Kuhnt and Conny low played in small supporting roles, e.g. B. as corpses, with.

Some commissioners not only had guest appearances with judge Barbara Salesch or Zwei at Kallwass , but also in the RTL court show Das Jugendgericht , which was also produced by filmpool GmbH .

From May 2 to August 5, 2011, only episodes were broadcast on weekdays that were recorded in 4: 3 picture format, but cut to 16: 9 widescreen format . It is only since August 8 that episodes have actually been shown in 16: 9 format in conjunction with a new intro and adapted graphics at the end of the program.


At the beginning of 2020, Sat.1 commissioned the spin-off Grünberg and Kuhnt - commissioners investigate with Bernie Kuhnt and Nadine Riedel as Lara Grünberg

With Mischa Filé (as Thomas Bossman), Christian Becker (as Christian König) returned from Niederig and Kuhnt, as did Christine Gerstenberger (as Vicktoria Sommer), Sina Zadra (as Sina Peters), Tim Ricke (as Sascha Schubert) and Ingo van Gulijk as coroner, in supporting roles. The series started on April 6, 2020 on Sat. 1 and runs Monday to Saturday on the 6:30 pm slot. The last episode for the time being is to be broadcast on May 8, 2020.

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