Eucharistic sobriety

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Eucharistic sobriety (Latin ieiunium eucharisticum , “eucharistic fasting ”, like “ jejunum ” from ieiunus , “not having breakfast”, “sober”) means in the Catholic Church the abstinence from all food and drinks (except water and medicines) for a certain person Length of time before receiving Holy Communion .

Originally, communicants were required to stay sober from midnight of the day before receiving Holy Communion; Pope Pius XII shortened this period on March 19, 1957 with the Motu proprio Sacram communionem to three hours for solid meals and alcoholic beverages, to one hour for non-alcoholic beverages. In 1964 it was shortened to at least one hour with the papal decree Die XXI mensis .

In the Orthodox churches , the Eucharistic fast applies from midnight.


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