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EURODOC - the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers
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Seat Brussels , Belgium
founding year 2005 (2002)
Members 32 national organizations
Working language English
Chair Margaux Kersschot, Belgium

Eurodoc is the European association for doctoral candidates and young researchers . Eurodoc currently consists of 32 national associations.

In the context of consultations, conferences and expert groups, Eurodoc is in contact with actors involved in European research and education policy, in particular with the European Commission and the Association of European Universities, EEA .

The organization organizes an annual conference, which serves both the discussion on interdisciplinary topics of research activity in Europe and the exchange of information between European research policy and young researchers. In preparation for this conference, a comparison of the different systems in Europe will be made based on the answer to a questionnaire from the member organizations.

The organization strives for a broad base of participation; Any interested member of a national organization can take part in the discussions in the Eurodoc workgroups on topics such as mobility , supervisory relationships and acquisition of skills, professional careers, equal opportunities for women and men in research, working conditions and social security (e.g. maternity leave ) take part.

Positions and recommendations are developed, which then flow into European education and research policy .

Since December 2008 the organization has been conducting a Europe-wide doctoral survey. This survey covers the following key topics: qualifications, career paths, financing, further training and support, working conditions, results of scientific work, mobility and socio-demographic indicators. According to Eurodoc, the aim of the survey is to involve doctoral students more closely in the Bologna Process. With data that are comparable across Europe, a better basis is to be created for future recommendations on improving the conditions for doctoral students and increasing the attractiveness of the European Research Area.


The goals according to the statutes are:

  • Representation of doctoral students and young researchers at European level in the fields of education, research and career prospects.
  • Promoting the quality of doctoral students and the standards of research activity in Europe.
  • Expansion of the dissemination of information on topics that affect young researchers; Organization of events, participation in debates and support for further development in the policy fields of education and research in Europe.
  • Establishing and supporting cooperation between national organizations representing doctoral students and young researchers.


After plans to establish a Europe-wide umbrella organization were concretized at a meeting of representatives of several European organizations for young researchers at a conference of the Swedish EU Presidency in Uppsala in 2001, Eurodoc was founded in Girona , Spain in 2002 . In 2005, Eurodoc was finally enshrined under Belgian law as an international non-profit organization based in Brussels.

Eurodoc was represented at several conferences around the “third cycle” of the Bologna process. Since 2007 Eurodoc has also officially had the status of a partner in the Bologna Process.

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