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European party LOVE
Party leader Dmitri Kuzmin
Secretary General Anatoly Niederhaus
vice-chairman Olga Pul
Federal Treasurer Valentina Niederhaus
Headquarters Büren
Alignment European integration , green politics
European party Parti Europeen L'AMOUR

The European Party of Love (spelling: European Party of Love , short name: LOVE, abbreviation also EPL) is a pro-European, ecological small party in Germany. She is a member of the European party group Parti Europeen L'AMOUR , based in Paris.

The EPL ran for the first time in the 2019 European elections in Germany; The top candidate was Sergey Samardzhidi. She got 33,152 votes (0.1%), which was not enough for a seat in the European Parliament .

Party chairman is Dmitry Sergeyevich Kuzmin , a former mayor of the southern Russian city of Stavropol and member of the opposition Russian party Fair Russia . The seat of the party that has the legal form of a registered association is Büren (Westphalia) .


Quote from the party platform:

Love is stronger than evil and love must rule the world!

The party derives various demands from the fact that "all people have the same right to justice, equality, dignity and love". These include:

  • deeper integration of the European Union
  • Protection of the values ​​of Germany and the EU
  • Gender equality, including through gender quotas in popular representations
  • more free medical services
  • no price increases for municipal services
  • Preservation of natural resources
  • Strengthening families and protecting children's rights
  • Leverage the experience of the older generations by drawing up long-term development plans for this generation


The highest organ of the party is the “general assembly” (general assembly). It adopts the program and statutes and elects the “Supreme Council” consisting of 17 members, including the party chairman. The Board of Governors elects the members of the “Executive Office” (board of directors) from among its members, along with the party chairman, his deputy, the secretary and the treasurer. The first chairman has a special position after the establishment, who is also after the end of his term of office with the honorary title "The party chairman - party founder" is a member of the executive office and is entitled to remuneration of at least 80% of the remuneration of the then current party chairman.

EPL Germany is a member of Parti Europeen L'Amour (PE L'Amour). According to the statutes, decisions by PE L'Amour are binding for EPL Germany. In addition, up to 40% of EPL Germany's income goes to PE L'Amour. There is the possibility of forming regional structures (regional associations, local associations, etc.). These in turn are obliged to transfer 35% of their income to the superordinate structure.


In Austria, the European LOVE party has been registered with the Federal Ministry of the Interior since 2016 .

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