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The Evangelical Broadcasting Service Baden (ERB gGmbH ) is a media company of the Evangelical Church in Baden . The company, which is 100% owned by the regional church, is recognized as a non-profit organization and is based in Karlsruhe . Daniel Meier is the managing director.

The ERB was founded in 1987 initially as the editorial office for the Church and Diakonia of the Evangelical Regional Church in Baden, and in 1997 the ERB gGmbH emerged.

Business areas are television, radio and the Internet. In terms of content, topics from church, diakonia and society as well as social, ethical and religious questions are dealt with.

Together with ERB Medien GmbH, ERB gGmbH produces numerous programs for private radio and television broadcasters in the Baden region of Baden-Württemberg. Several of these productions have received awards.

In December 1995, following a suggestion by a joint symposium with the State Office for Communication Baden-Württemberg (LfK) , the ERB put its first website online, which until April 1998 also served as the Internet presence of the Baden State Church.

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