Extravagant Johannis XXII.

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The extravagants John XXII are part of the Corpus Iuris Canonici , a collection of canon law.

Bernhard von Pavia , Breviarium extravagantium , 1779

They arose from a revision of the first so-called appendix to the clementines . The original compiler was Wilhelm von Montlezun . He wrote his work in 1317. In 1325 his collection was recombined by Zenzelinus von Montpeiller and made an appendix to the clementines. He added other decretals. Around 1500 it was revised again by Jean Chappuis .

The extravagants Johannes XXII. are not divided into the usual form of five books, but only arranged in 14 titles with a subdivision into chapters.

How to cite: c. 2 extrav. Joann. XXII, (titulus) IV.