Extravagant Communes

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The extravagant communes are part of early canon law , which was grouped together in the 13th century . From Pope John XXII. ( 1316 - 1334 ) it was published as a collection of constitutions and decretals that had not previously been included in official papal editions - where the name extravagant comes from. In the version of John XXII, they also contain comments by Johannes Monachus († 1313), who had been active at the Curia since 1280, and by Guilelmus de Monte Lauduno († 1343).

In a later collection are decretals and constitutions (constitutional article) summarized by Popes Urban IV. (1261- 1264 ) to Sixtus IV. (1471- 1484 submitted). A version of the Extravagantes Communes from around 1500 emerged from the “second appendix”, which was revised by Jean Chappuis in the last years of the 15th century .

Its first edition from 1500 contained 70 decretals , in the second edition from 1503 4 documents were added. The bull Unam sanctam (c. 1 De maior. In Extrav. Comm. I 8) can be found here, but the collection was not very thorough.

How to cite: c. 2nd extrav. Comm., V, 9.

For this collection there is an early print found in Bavaria - a legal anthology from 1505 - in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek . The collection is bound in pigskin and - in keeping with the style of the time - adorned with leafy tendrils and mythical creatures . Two pins on the front cover indicate that the metal clasps originally existed. An indication of occasionally intensive use are leather notices on the side, so-called leather noses . They served to be able to find the beginnings of the individual texts quickly.



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