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Eduard Eichmann (born February 14, 1870 in Hagenbach , Palatinate, † April 26, 1946 in Munich ) was a Catholic German priest, theologian and canon lawyer who came from the Diocese of Speyer .


Eduard Eichmann was the son of the farmer Nikolaus Eichmann and his wife Margaretha nee. Bumblebee. He studied theology and law in Würzburg and Strasbourg ; In 1895 he was ordained a priest in Würzburg. After three years of pastoral care as a chaplain in Rottendorf and at the Julius Hospital in Würzburg , Eichmann went to study law at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich , where he received his doctorate in this subject in 1904 .

In 1905 Eduard Eichmann became an associate professor, from 1909 a full professor of canon law at the University of Prague . After receiving his doctorate in theology at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau , he moved to the University of Vienna as a full professor of canon law in 1913. From 1918 the clergyman worked as a university professor for canon law, in particular legal history and dogmatics, in Munich. In 1927 he became a full member of the philosophical-philological class of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences .

Eichmann was the initiator of an overall presentation of canon law and the authoritative interpreter of Catholic canon law in German-speaking countries. He is considered the founder of the Munich Canon School . Klaus Mörsdorf and later Winfried Aymans continued his work .

The priest was a member of the Catholic student associations KDStV Markomannia Würzburg , KDStV Badenia Strasbourg and KDStV Aenania Munich in the CV . Later he became a member of the CV connections KDStV Gothia Würzburg (1905), KDStV Normannia Karlsruhe and KDStV Ferdinandea Prague . The home community of Hagenbach made him an honorary citizen in 1930 .


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Textbook of Canon Law

  • Textbook of canon law based on the Codex iuris canonici for students Schöningh Paderborn, from 1923 (from 1949 with Klaus Mörsdorf)
    • Vol. 1 Introduction, General Part and Personal Law
    • Vol. 2 Property Law
    • Vol. 3 Process and criminal law

Canon Law

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