Georg Wagener (politician, 1898)

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Georg Wagener

Georg Wagener (born May 31, 1898 in Paris , † May 23, 1985 in Reutlingen ) was a German politician ( NSDAP ).


After attending elementary school and a humanistic grammar school , Georg Wagener completed a commercial apprenticeship. From 1916 he took part in the First World War as a war volunteer . After his return from the war, Wagener worked as a commercial clerk and as a features editor .

After the NSDAP came to power , Wagener served as deputy mayor in Hanover from 1933 to 1934 . From March 1936 until the end of the Nazi regime in spring 1945, Wagener was a member of the National Socialist Reichstag for constituency 16 (South Hanover-Braunschweig) .

Initially group leader of the SA Group Relay Lower Saxony in Hanover, Wagener took over tasks as leader of the Motor Group Lower Saxony in the National Socialist Motorist Corps (NSKK) from autumn 1933 . At the NSKK he rose to Obergruppenführer in April 1939. From the beginning of April 1939 to the beginning of August 1942 he headed the NSKK Motor Group Southwest and then the NSKK Motor Group Southwest until the end of the war in 1945. From 1943 he was temporarily leader of the NSKK motor group Westmark.


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