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Joachim Theodor Lilla (born March 31, 1951 in Datteln ; † May 23, 2020 in Krefeld ) was a German historian and archivist .

Life and research

Lilla completed his studies in history and journalism at the Ruhr University in Bochum as a Magister. From 1975 he worked as an archivist in the main state archive in Düsseldorf and in the city ​​archive in Neuss , and from 1980 as a speaker at the West German Chamber of Commerce in Düsseldorf . From 1991 he was employed by the Krefeld City Archives . He has made a name for himself as the author of biographical reference works on parliamentarism and administration in Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries.

His personal encyclopedias usually provide short biographies for several hundred people, prepared according to a uniform scheme. They provide information on life dates and stations, denomination, academic degrees , public offices and party memberships, publications and - if available - the whereabouts of the portrayed person's estate. There is no critical evaluation based on historical criteria. The selection of the persons to be introduced is usually based on their membership (or the achievement of a certain rank) in a certain corporation (e.g. "Reichstag deputies in the time of the Third Reich", "Members of the Bavarian Parliament between 1919 and 1933", " Higher administrative officials in the Rhineland ”), the composition of which each plant should provide an overview of. In the sense of the concept of “collective biography”, the bulk of the individual biographies is usually supplemented by a research report in which the parallels of the various individual vitae are highlighted and any conclusions are drawn that certain observable patterns (e.g. disproportionately clustered origins from a certain geographical area, accumulation of a certain vocational training or socialization situation, such as membership in a volunteer corps, with the members of the institution under investigation, etc.).

In 2006 Lilla was appointed a member of the Brauweiler district for regional and contemporary history and in 2007 of the Society for Rhenish History .

Publications (selection)

Personal dictionaries

  • Krefeld MPs. Members from Krefeld in supra-local parliaments with special consideration of the German Bundestag. City archive Krefeld 2000, ISBN 978-3-9806517-3-8 .
  • The deputy Gauleiter and the representation of the Gauleiter of the NSDAP in the "Third Reich". NW Verlag, Bremerhaven 2003, ISBN 978-3-86509-020-1 .
  • Senior administrative officials and functionaries in Westphalia and Lippe (1918 to 1945/46). Biographical manual. Aschendorff, Münster 2004, ISBN 978-3-402-06799-4 .
  • Extras in uniform: The members of the Reichstag 1933–1945. A biographical handbook including the Volkish and National Socialist members of the Reichstag from 1924. With the collaboration of Martin Döring and Andreas Schulz . Droste, Düsseldorf 2004. ISBN 3-7700-5254-4 . Review: Dieter Pohl : Joachim Lilla (arrangement): extras in uniform. Review in: Sehepunkte 4, 2004, No. 5 from May 15, 2004.
  • The Prussian State Council 1921–1933: a biographical handbook; with documentation of the state councilors appointed in the “Third Reich”. (Series of handbooks on the history of parliamentarism and political parties. Volume 13). Droste, Düsseldorf 2005, ISBN 978-3-7700-5271-4 .
  • The Reichsrat. Representation of the German states in the legislation and administration of the Reich 1919–1934. A biographical manual. With the involvement of the Federal Council November 1918 – February 1919 and the State Committee February – August 1919. (Series of manuals on the history of parliamentarism and political parties. Volume 14), Droste, Düsseldorf 2006, ISBN 978-3-7700-5279-0 .
  • The Bavarian State Parliament 1918/19 to 1933, election proposals - composition - biographies (series materials on Bavarian regional history. Volume 21), Commission for Bavarian regional history, Munich 2008, ISBN 978-3-7696-0421-4 .
  • The provisional Reich Economic Council 1920 to 1933/34: Composition - Documentation - Biographies; including the Economic Advisory Council of the Reich President in 1931 and the General Council of Economy in 1933 (series of manuals on the history of parliamentarism and political parties. Volume 17), Droste, Düsseldorf 2012, ISBN 978-3-7700-5303-2 .
  • Minister of State, senior administrative officials and (NS) functionaries in Bavaria 1918 to 1945 , beta version 2012 ( online )

Further book publications

  • Sources on contemporary history in the state archives of North Rhine-Westphalia. Non-state records, non-written archives, National Socialism , 1978, in collaboration with Hans-Joachim Behr and Peter Veddeler
  • Law on the Order of Crafts (Handwerksordnung) ... and additional regulations , 1983 (annually revised editions until 1989)
  • Sources on the Krefeld incorporations with special consideration of the local reorganization 1929 , Krefeld 1999
  • My Krefeld. Stadtbild Verlag, Leipzig 2003, ISBN 978-3-934572-20-1 .


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