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The Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP) is a global umbrella organization for amateur and professional photographers. The official languages ​​of FIAP are French and English. Official texts are translated into German and Spanish. FIAP is based in Kayl ( Luxembourg ).


FIAP was officially founded in Bern / Switzerland on the occasion of the constituent congress from June 17th to 19th, 1950. Ten nations were represented at this congress ( Belgium , Brazil , Denmark , France, Italy , Yugoslavia , Luxembourg , Austria , Sweden and Switzerland).

The spiritual father of the association, the Belgian Dr. Maurice Van de Wijer, had been thinking since 1946 of founding an association that would represent the interests of photography and amateur photographers internationally. To this end, he contacted various national associations. He presented the idea to the Swiss Ernest Boesiger in 1947 with the request to work as a secretary in such an association. He himself took over the presidency of the Union Internationale des Sociétés Photographiques , which then became the Conseil International de l'Art Photographique and finally changed to the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique . The first participating countries were Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands , Portugal and Switzerland. Denmark, Finland and Hungary joined in September 1947 . Today (2007) 85 national associations from all continents are affiliated with FIAP.


The association is headed by a management committee. This organizes the FIAP Congress every two years, at which business is carried out with the participation of delegations from the national associations. The Congress also elects the members of the Executive Committee. Commissions are responsible for special tasks. FIAP members are national associations. Since autumn 2004, clubs or regional groups have also been able to join FIAP.


The purpose of the association is to promote artistic photography in all its aspects. This includes the organization of worldwide photographic events and the awarding of awards. Maintaining international contacts among photographers is also a declared aim of the association. In the time before the turn z. B. FIAP made it possible for photographers from the Eastern Bloc to contact the rest of the photographic world. FIAP issues its own publications on the subject of photography.


FIAP organizes or supports international photo salons and biennials.

  • Photo salons - First and foremost, FIAP is committed by taking over the patronage of salons organized by outsiders. Such salons must meet certain FIAP requirements.
  • Biennials - The biennials organized by FIAP are held every two years in a different country.


FIAP gives awards for outstanding photographic achievements or special services to photography.

  • AFIAP, Artiste FIAP
  • EFIAP, Excellence FIAP
  • MFIAP, Maître FIAP

These three awards are for photographic achievements and are given in an analogous sense for audiovisual achievements in the form of AV-AFIAP, AV-EFIAP and AV-MFIAP.

  • ESFIAP, Excellence pour Services rendus FIAP
  • HonEFIAP, Honoraire Excellence FIAP

These two awards are given for special services to photography and are honorary titles.

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