Fabius Postumus

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Fabius Postumus (his praenomen is not known) was a member of the Roman knighthood ( Eques ) living in the 2nd century AD .

A military diploma dated August 23, 162 proves that Postumus 162 was the tribune of the Cohors I Flavia Numidarum , who at that time was stationed in the province of Lycia et Pamphylia .


  1. A tribune usually commanded a Cohors milliaria , while a prefect directed a Cohors quingenaria . According to Margaret M. Roxan, Eric Birley suspected that the commander of an auxiliary unit in a peaceful province had the rank of tribune, although he only commanded a Cohors quingenaria . Possibly this innovation was introduced in the late reign of Hadrian (117-138), because Aulus Aelius Sollemnianus was not yet designated as a tribune in 120.

Individual evidence

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