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In the title of a specialist lawyer for Social Law is a specialist lawyer of the German professional law the lawyers .

The specialist lawyer for social law is one of the oldest German specialist lawyer designations that are already mentioned in § 43c BRAO .

Legal areas of training

In terms of content, the title is structured by the areas of law named in Section 11 of the Specialist Attorney Regulations (FAO), in relation to which the attorney with the title of specialist attorney must prove special knowledge. The following knowledge must be proven:

In order to acquire the title of specialist lawyer for social law, as with all specialist lawyer titles, proof of special practical experience is also required. Here, § 5 S. 1 lit. d FAO proof of 60 cases handled by the applicant. At least 20 of these must relate to legal proceedings, and the cases must also include at least three of the areas of law named in Section 11 No. 2 FAO.


As of January 1, 2018, 1,842 specialist lawyers are admitted in Germany.

Individual evidence

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