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Bicycle safety pennant, two-part

A bicycle safety pennant (also known as a bicycle pennant , safety pennant or just pennant ) is attached to a bicycle , recumbent bike , bicycle trailer , wheelchair , snow vehicle , etc. and is used to increase the safety reserve of road users - especially children .

Bicycle safety flags have been on the market in Germany since the early 1990s and are often printed with current designs. In the late 1980s, the niederspurigen were Big Wheel - tricycles in the United States marked with bright red pennants on long fiberglass rods for other road users.

Transport associations such as the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) recommend such pennants for children up to around 12 years of age.

Bicycle safety flags should have the following properties:

  • Pennant height so that it is visible over the roof of the car,
  • Sheathed fiberglass rod, so that skin damage from fiberglass splinters is prevented even after a break,
  • a light and elastic safety ball attached to the top prevents facial injuries.
  • In addition, all components should meet the EU guidelines for substances that are not harmful to health.

Other meanings

Bicycle pennants have also been awarded by the Deutsche Verkehrswacht for decades for successfully passed cycling training in elementary schools , usually combined with the handing out of bicycle passes , stickers or other accessories. The print, material and design of the pennants differ on the one hand according to the respective federal state , on the other hand the honor pennant is a special form that is only available with full points in theoretical and practical tests. This form of the bicycle flag is primarily not used to signal a source of danger in road traffic, but to identify appropriately trained cycling schoolchildren, but above all they are to be understood as a positive amplifier .

Individual evidence

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