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Road user (TT) in the context of road traffic law is anyone who uses public paths, roads and places within the framework of common use. It is irrelevant whether the participation takes place consciously, accidental participation is also possible. Behavior that is relevant to traffic, influencing a traffic process, is the prerequisite for being able to be a road user.

Road users can also be found in connection with air traffic and shipping .

Road traffic

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Road users are in the road people who use the areas that are open to the public traffic purposes. The will to use it does not matter. Inadvertent traffic participation is therefore also possible.

Pedestrians and vehicle drivers are the classic road users, but a front passenger can also become a road user if, for example, he is driving. B. the driver takes the steering wheel. Also rider and animal guides are road users.

The vehicle driver is the person who operates the mechanical equipment of the vehicle and sets it in motion.

Further examples of road participation: skateboarder ; Construction worker pushing a wheelbarrow in the street; Engine driver ; Excavators leader, a hole on the road digging; Pushing a motorcycle ; Rolling a motor vehicle in order to start it.

Every participant in traffic is bound by the traffic rules and laws applicable in the respective country . a. to the road traffic regulations . The basic principle is that of mutual consideration.

Road users who grossly disregard these rules and often endanger themselves and others are often referred to as traffic hooligans. There is talk of traffic hooligans in particular in the case of speeders and jostlers , in brazen overtaking maneuvers, in disregarding red traffic lights, in illegal street races , etc.

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