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description Frisian literary magazine
publishing company Bornmeer
First edition 2003 February 21
editor Farsk Foundation
Web link www.farsk.nl
ISSN (print)

Farsk ( West Frisian for 'fresh') is one of the most important Frisian literary magazines alongside Hjir and De moanne . It was founded on February 21, 2003 by Abe de Vries , as the successor to the controversial Kistwurk . It is published by the Stichting Farsk in Leeuwarden / Ljouwert , in cooperation with the Bornmeer publishing house .

Farsk appears online every two weeks, and about six times a year under the title Farsk-skrift in print. Furthermore, the Farsk-jierboek is published every January, a yearbook with the most relevant articles of the past year. In September 2006 the hundredth edition appeared, also in print.

In early 2008, the editorial offices of Farsk and Hjir magazine merged. In 2009 the two magazines are to merge and appear on the Internet and in print under a new name.

editorial staff

(As of May 2008)

  • Piter Boersma (main editor)
  • Jelma Knol
  • Edwin de Groot
  • Inge Heslinga
  • Sytze Jansma
  • IJsbrand van den Berg
  • Greet Andringa
  • Jacobus Q. Smink
  • Janneke Spoelstra
  • Sito Wijngaarden

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