Fasolt (opera character)

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Fasolt is a figure from the tetralogy Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner .

Fasolt and his brother Fafner are the two giants who build Valhalla Castle for the gods . Originally it was agreed between gods and giants that the giants should receive the goddess Freia , whom Fasolt wanted to marry, as thanks for building the castle . At Fafner's instigation, however, both giants, including Fasolt, agree to accept the Nibelung treasure of the dwarf Alberich as compensation instead of the goddess (“I found the solution to be light wages: for us rough giants, the Nibelung's red gold is enough”). Wotan and Loge succeed in finding the Nibelungen treasure and the ring cursed by Alberichto get. After these were handed over to the giants, there was a dispute between Fasolt and Fafner over the ring - a consequence of the curse pronounced by Alberich. Fafner grabs the entire Nibelungen treasure and the ring ("Without sharing you would have freed Freia - I'll share the hoard, cheaply I'll keep the greater half for myself"). When Fasolt at least desires the ring for himself, he is killed by Fafner.