Fencing comment

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Prague Paukcomment (around 1875)

A fencing Comment (also Paukcomment or -Komment ) is a common Comment more, usually a common weapon ring belonging, beating students compounds at one or more higher places. The fencing Comment regulates the Annoncierung the Paukanten , the type and condition of the fencing weapons , the expiry of Pauktage and the discharge of the scales .

The first traditional fencing comments are as old as the first written records of the general comments. The first written fencing comment with the first surviving SC comment from 1809 has come down to us at the Georg-August University of Göttingen . The fencing comment is as old as the seniors' convent itself.

Originally limited to one university location, there are also supra-regional fencing comments today. In some places, rings of arms enclose connections between different corporation associations ; at many universities there are several fencing comments, separated by corporation type and association.


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