Corporation association

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Badges of the corporation associations (around 1920)

Most student associations are organized in so-called corporation associations. These are associations of student associations of certain types of corporation , such as B. Corps , country teams , fraternities or Catholic student associations . They have their own statutes , which regulate exactly which association can join under which circumstances, and combine associations that have certain formalities and / or principles in common. Nevertheless, the individual connections can differ significantly within a corporation.

Some corporations are organized as leagues; the members of such an association therefore call one another federal brothers . The term " cartel association " is also often used for corporation associations . Here the relatives refer to themselves as cartel brothers.

There are also several umbrella organizations of corporation associations, including the Convent of German Academic Associations (CDA) and the European Cartel Association (EKV). The term umbrella organization is sometimes also used for corporate associations.

Membership in these associations is left to each student association . It offers the individual student association the opportunity to join forces nationwide and thus to establish and maintain contact with other university locations. Often the association also takes on the task of presenting the student association to the public, which would be too time-consuming and expensive for a single association.

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