Break day

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Scale length in front of the Badenburg, around 1843/44
Pauktag in Jena, 1901

A Pauktag (of . Mhd pûken "beat") - also Bestimmtag , Mensurtag or M-Day called - in beating is Fraternities an event on the previously agreed destination duels are performed. Participants are the associations that belong to the respective organizing weapons ring. The training day is led by the fencing officer of the association presiding over the weapon ring.

Before the Second World War , the break days took place practically every Saturday in the semester all day in public bars in the rural surroundings of the respective university town. Today, in most cases, they are held during the evening hours of a normal working day in the corporation house of one of the associations involved. As a rule, the house right for the drum hall is transferred to the respective referee during the grading .

Since all the associations represented in the weapon ring - even those who do not provide a drum kit - have to send representatives to the class, such events can easily have over 100 participants. People who are not involved in the measure are called spectants (Latin for "spectators").

The participation of a male guest (whether a fraternity student or not) must be approved by the presiding fencing officer. Female guests are never allowed.