Fencing Chargier

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A fencing officer is responsible for all questions relating to the " Mensur ", academic fencing with sharp weapons , in a beating student union . In the various types of student associations, the office has different names, for example in the Corps it is called " Consenior ", in the case of country teams and gymnastics associations, on the other hand, it is called second-charged .

It is the same for all of them that the fencer charged is responsible for the proper execution of the exercise lessons, the timpani , as well as the functional condition of the timpani and scale equipment . The fencing officer also determines the counterparts for his federal or corps brothers in coordination with his official colleagues in other connections. He also heads the " Mensurconvent ".

If his association is presiding in the respective weapon ring, the fencer also leads the weapon ring meetings and organizes the break days .

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